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After you understand your hero is strong or weak and have selected a hero to PVE or send to Daily Works and do BSCD mining, here is an article that will guide you on how to put in your BSCD mining strategy and mine to be effective the best.

First, I will guide you to bring the hero into the mine. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the game through the link: and log in to the game.

Step 2: Click on the “Daily Works” Tab.

Step 3: If your hero is not eligible to enter other maps, please go to the Community Hall map. Click “Change” to change the hero you want to mine, then press “Confirm.”

Step 4: If you do not have Approval, there will be an Approve button; if you approve, it will say Start working; you click on it, pay the fee, and the Hero will start mining BSCD.

Step 5: You can check how well the hero is mined in the Working Info section.

That’s simple, isn’t it? But that’s not all information I want to tell you. So, if you’re going to mine BSCD efficiently and gain BSCD, continue reading the lines below. Or, if you don’t have time to claim, you leave the hero who is mining and come back after a few days.

When you put heroes into mining, in essence, the hero will mine from Block, and that Block will be converted into BSCD with a daily rate of change; here, I will call it “BSCD mining ratio” for short. So here’s the information you need to know:

The BSCD mining ratio will change at 12 am and 12 pm UTC daily. This change depends on the BSCD price in the market at that time. If at 12 am UTC, the BSCD price is higher than the previous 12 pm UTC, the BSCD mining ratio will be increased; otherwise, the BSCD mining ratio will be decreased.

The number of block everyday that heroes could mine is the SAME (if the BSC network is congested, it will decrease slightly, but not significantly).

BSCD mining ratio will be affected by the hero’s level, the Daily Work Station you enter, the stats needed by the hero when entering that map,…

BSCD salary will be calculated as the BSCD mining ratio multiplied by the number of blocks the hero mined.

After you understand the BSCD mining ratio, here is a strategic hint. Before 12 am and 12 pm UTC, please go online and check how much is the current BSCD price compared to before the last change; if the BSCD price is higher than before, do not rush to claim; wait for that time and then claim. On the other hand, if you find the price has decreased compared to the last change time, claim and enjoy the time passing. Or for a long run, comes back later after a week and claim your BSCD, go for some adventures. It’s all up to you but do not forget the refill fee you have to pay after 30 days of mining.




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