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After successfully minting a hero, you will see a lot of information about that hero, and maybe they will confuse you a bit. But that’s okay because I’m here to help you better understand each type of indicator. And after finding out, I will guide you to let that hero go to BSCD or go to PVE to earn MST. So now, let’s get started.

Before starting to learn about the hero’s stats, let’s know for yourself whether your hero belongs to the type of physical damage or magical damage. Then, I will list them for you to imagine easily:

Physical Damage: Stonemason, Spacecraft Engineer, Geologist, Hunter, Builder, Foundryman.

Magical Damage: Gem Cutter, Roboticist, Bio-Engineer, Gunsmith, Miner, Chef.

I want to list like this so that you guys understand these two types of damage because later on in the hero’s stats, there will be a type of index that only affects this type of hero without caring about other heroes. So be aware of this.

Next, let’s learn about all the stats that the hero has. Each hero has 6 component stats, and each stat will correspond to the following:

Strength: This stat will affect the hero’s ability to deal damage in PvE. However, this stat only works on physical damage heroes, and magic damage heroes will not use this stat.

Stamina: This is the stat that affects the hero’s magic resistance in PVE. If you have a lot of magic resistance, that hero will lose less health than normal when you encounter a monster that deals magic damage.

Vitality: This is the health effect of the hero in PVE. If this stat is high, that hero will last longer when hit and vice versa.

Courage: This is the stat that affects the armor of heroes in PVE. If the hero encounters a monster that deals physical damage, that hero will receive more damage reduction.

Dexterity: This stat affects the hero’s evasion and ability to hit the target. If this stat is high, that hero will be more likely to dodge enemy damage and, at the same time, increase the chance of hitting the target.

Intelligence: This is a stat that affects the ability to deal damage in PvE. However, this only applies to magic heroes, and physical heroes will not use this stat.

As for the Total Score section, that’s where you see the total score of the six components you have. However, I do not encourage you to evaluate heroes through that Total Score because it does not reflect your hero’s strength or weakness.

After you clearly understand how each stat affects PVE, I will guide you to look at the hero’s stats to see if the hero is strong or weak. In fact, almost every hero’s stat is important, which must be as high as possible. However, you can’t always mint good heroes to go to PVE, so please pay special attention to the following parameters:

  • With physical heroes, you should pay attention to the following three stats: Strength, Dexterity, and Vitality.
  • With magical heroes, you also pay attention to 3 stats: Intelligence, Dexterity, and Vitality.

The parameters mentioned above must be especially high if you want to play PVE; at least 2 out of 3 of those stats must be 70 or higher to win; otherwise, it will be challenging. As for the rest, below 50 is called average, between 50 and 70 is considered good, and above 70 is called good for PVE.

So, if you see that the hero’s stats are in a range, you will answer the question yourself: Should that hero go to PVE or let it mine BSCD in Daily Works ?.




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