🔥 How to upgrade your Heroes in Mstation 🔥

3 min readApr 13, 2022

✨ Let’s discover the secret to helping your heroes stronger and upgrade heroes need to prepare, as below:

• The original summoned Spaceventures characters are all at Level 1. You need to use the corresponding amount of BSCD token and MST token to be able to upgrade your Spaceventures

• The higher level your Spaceventures is, the more BSCD token and MST token you would need to level up next. You could earn BSCD through Daily Works, PVE, etc.

• The Level is one of the most important attributes a Spaceventure has, so it will directly increase your power and working efficiency, but it will not increase your basic data. A high-level mining task needs Spaceventures with a compatible level

• With Level-up, you can earn more MST tokens & BSCD tokens in each PvE match

• At different mines, different attributes are required, leveling up the heroes will help you qualify to participate in mining in those mines.

•The higher your hero level, the more MST & BSCD your hero can earn. But please choose it wisely. Not all heroes could go on an adventure.

✨ About leveling up

📍 Please note that when you upgrade your high-level Spaceventure character, there’s a possibility of failure. If you fail to upgrade, your Spaceventures character level will decrease one.

👉 See more information as example:

1️⃣ Level 1 to upgrade Level 2 — You need to consume 25,000 BSCD token and 10 MST token to level up your Spaceventures

2️⃣ Level 2 to upgrade Level 3 — You need to consume 100,000 BSCD token and 50 MST token to level up your Spaceventures

3️⃣ For the next upgrade, please see the table attached above!

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