🥇 Leaderboard Feature Officially Release 🥇

2 min readMay 12, 2022


Dear our spaceventure, we’re glad to introduce to our spaceventurers the leaderboard feature is officially released on MStation.

🌟 What is Leaderboard Feature on MStation ?
The leaderboard is a place to praise and honor heroes with outstanding achievements in MStation, users can easy to check the ranking of themself in here. At the present time, the leaderboard displaying 2 main rankings include:

🏆 Top Level ( THE GRINDER)
🏆 Top Consume BSCD ( THE 1 PERCENT )

🌟How do I get on the Mstation leaderboard?
To be able to get a position on the leaderboard you must consume your BSCD or upgrade your heroes to a high level. The amount of BSCD consumed and the level of your heroes will determine your rank on the leaderboard. Let’s try to rise to the top 10 positions to be able to receive the most incentives and benefits.

🌟What are the benefits of being on the leaderboard?
Players in the leaderboard will have the opportunity to receive more rewards and incentives from MStation in future, the higher the player rank, the greater the rewards and incentives will be

👉Check your ranking at: https://game.mstation.io/leaderboard

-Each leaderboard will consist of 100 players.
-BSCD leaderboard will start from 7:00 UTC 12th, May,2022
-Besides, we are also finishing offchain wallet, and it will be released soon

💪Let’s strive and reach the peak of fame with us, MStation always accompanies with you.

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