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Hi everybody. In this article, I will guide you on how to join Adventure and how to choose a hero to raise your level.

Adventure is a mode where you can earn MST and BSCD, mostly MST. In addition to letting the hero dig BSCD in the mine, you can experience the game through hero mode to fight monsters. At the same time, this mode will help you earn money faster when mining. Then let’s start learning.

The first is how to join PVE. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the game through the link: and log in to the game.

Step 2: Click on the “Adventure” Tab.

Step 3: You notice a section called “Dungeon Wealth Remaining: x%,” which is the section to notify you of how much is left of today’s Reward pool. If the pool is still there, you can usually play PVE; if not, wait for the pool to reset the reward, then play PVE. The pool will reset at 12 am and 12 pm UTC daily.

Step 4: There are currently two maps to play: the map for heroes from lvl1 to lvl10 and the map only for heroes from lvl4 to lvl10. Please choose the map that suits your hero.

Step 5: Click the “Start Adventure” Tab, choose a hero and level PVE, prepare the BSCD required and press Confirm.

Step 6: When in battle, your hero will automatically attack. You can check the stats of monsters and heroes in the Attribute Info section.

Step 7: After the battle, you can check your match history in Adventure Logs, and you can claim MST and BSCD here.

Second, you can see the different levels of PVE. These levels correspond to different rewards; the higher the level, the more MST rewards. However, monsters also have much more power than low levels in exchange for that. So, if you want your hero to beat them, you have to level up. But choosing which hero to level up, you probably won’t know. So next, I will guide you to choose the right hero to level up.

If you are unsure about the hero’s stats, read the article “HOW TO READ THE HERO’S STATS, AND SHOULD I CHOOSE PVE OR MINE BSCD?”. Basically, as I said in that article, 2 out of 3 important stats of 2 types of heroes over 70 can be considered strong. But that is still not enough to be able to level up easily, but must go through the following two things:

— The battle time of the hero’s victory in PVE is more or less. If the hero’s average attack time is 1 minute or less, the hero may have more power than its level.

— Hero’s average health bar when winning a match. If the average remaining health bar is above 60%, the hero is stronger than the current level of PVE.

Based on the above characteristics, I believe that you have enough knowledge to know which heroes can hit strong when leveling up. Please watch the video tutorial on the project’s official Youtube channel for those who don’t know how to level up heroes. Goodbye and see you again




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