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This article will give you an overview of the hero’s injury mechanism and how to use the Pill.

First, we’ll talk about the Pill mechanics. So what are pills? The pill is what its name suggests, and it is what is used to heal wounded heroes. It will cost you a certain amount of BSCD and MST to create the Pills and heal heroes. When that hero is injured, you can’t bring that hero to fight PVE but can only take them to Daily Work to mine BSCD if the Productivity is still at an acceptable level (100% or 80%). So if you want to play PVE, you have to take the pills to heal that champion. Or you can recruit new heroes, but if you have a strong hero, you should consider this.

Second, why did the hero get injured? Was it okay to fight normally before? This is a question many people ask when the game has just updated this mechanism because they are worried that it will affect their ability to make money. However, after you understand this mechanism, you may think again. Hero is injured when you hit enough wins PVE starts counting from when you have recruited the hero, level up or use pill, counting from whichever comes later. And each hero level will apply the Won Matches as follows:

Level 1–2–3: 21–25 won matches.
Level 4: 28–32 won matches.
Level 5: 35–39 won matches.
Level 6: 42–46 won matches.
Level 7: 49–53 won matches.
Level 8: 56–60 won matches.
Level 9: 63–67 won matches.
Level 10: 70–74 won matches.

When your hero hits enough or more than 1–2 matches in the above range, your hero will be injured, then use the Pill feature to heal the hero. Regarding BSCD and MST needed to use Pill, it will depend on the hero’s level and the price of BSCD and MST on the market. The game will also reset fees for using Pill every day, like the Reward Pool of PVE and BSCD in Daily Works. So please check carefully before using.

One important thing to remember is this: Once your hero is injured, no matter how much you level up, it will still be injured. So if you want to level up, please upgrade before the hero is injured.

So what is Pill and the hero’s wounding mechanism born for?

This mechanism was born to help rebalance the game’s tokenomic. If you pay close attention, the MST token has inflated at a rather high rate. In order to reduce the inflation of the two tokens in the game, we considered and released this mechanism so that we could have a healthier chart. Thereby helping these coins circulate more easily.




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