After our successful Mstation has been officially released! We are glad about your incredible support of our project during the last time. Now it’s the time for the Mstation team to continue to boom, this is just the beginning of a long journey in 2022!

👇 Let take a look at our updating roadmap as below

⚡️ What we have done

• Enhance economy and improved ROI

• New PVE Maps

⚡️ What we are working on

• BSCS Treasury

• Liquidity Mining

• NFT Marketplace

• Leaderboard PVE

• Enhance all 3D Models (Spaceventure and Monster, redesign adventure maps)

⚡️What we’re gonna do next

📍 Q2.2022

• Off-chain Wallet

• PVP Mode

• Leaderboard PVP

📍Q3 2022

• NFT Fusions

• Materials and Equipment Modeling

• Materials Hunt

• NFT Crafting

• Marketplace for Equipment

• Inventory: Off-chain / On-chain

• Avatar and NFT Tag Name

• New PVE Maps, new Monsters

📍Q4 2022

• New Weapons / Armors

• DAO Enable

👩‍🚀 MStation Official Channels

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